Coconut Macaroons

Perfect Coconut Macaroons! These are deliciously sweetened, brimming with coconut flavor, they have a tempting soft and chewy texture with beautifully golden brown edges, and everyone will thoroughly enjoy that welcomed dark chocolate finish!

Coconut macaroons shown close up from above.

Of course a coconut macaroon is good on it’s own. It’s such a satisfying little treat. But when you finish them with a fair dose of chocolate it makes them completely irresistible!

When testing recipes I tried macaroons many different ways but I found that my favorite wasn’t actually the popular sweetened condensed milk version. It’s just a traditional version with some flour added to it.

The flour gives it a little more substance and makes it seem more like a cookie rather than candy. It’s not a whole lot of flour added, just enough to make them soft and chewy.

Then another upgrade here is the addition of coconut extract. It boosts their overall natural coconut flavor for an extra coconut-y treat.

It’s an easy to make unique cookie that coconut lovers will crave!

Coconut Macaroon being dipped in chocolate.

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