Roasted Tri Tip

Oven Roasted Tri Tip! It’s a simple recipe that doesn’t even require a smoker or grill. Tri tip is coated with a simple spice rub and baked in the oven until it’s nearly cooked through, then it’s finished in a hot cast iron pan for a beautifully browned sear. 

Roasted tri tip on a white plate shown with serving suggestion of baked potato and steamed green beans.

Easy Tri Tip Roast

This has been a go-to recipe at our house for the last few months because it’s incredibly easy to make, you only need a handful of ingredients, and it’s made with a less expensive cut of beef.

You can usually find tri tip quite a bit cheaper than most steaks (which are getting very expensive lately). We just buy a 2-pack at $7.99 per pound at our local Costco and freeze the second one for later (for best quality use frozen tri tip within 3 months).

The key to a good tri tip is in the seasoning and the cooking method. Here we give it a nice spice rub for added flavor, let it rest at room temp a while, then roast it in a moderately heated oven, and last finish it by reverse searing (baking then skillet browning) for a few minutes in a scorching pan.

It’s the perfect beef roast!

Close up photo of thinly sliced roasted tri tip.

What is Tri Tip?

  • Tri tip is a cut of beef that comes from the bottom of the sirloin of a cow. It is usually cut in a triangular shape.
  • You’ll find it has a nice beefy flavor and great tender texture when cooked to a medium doneness.
  • Its name comes from its triangular shape and the fact that it’s cut at a tapered tip, at the very tip of the sirloin.
  • Options available are select, choice and prime grades. Select is lowest quality, choice is good quality, and prime the best quality. I recommend buying only choice or prime.

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