Child Hunger In America #ShareAMeal



Did you know that right here in America, there are 16 million children struggling with hunger? That’s the population of Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia and Chicago combined. Hunger’s youngest victims are often invisible in the United States, but the reality is, hunger in America has no boundaries – rural, urban and suburban – and with 1 in 5 children unaware where their next meal is coming from, one of these children could be your own neighbor or even your child’s best friend.


I was introduced to child hunger in America by my sister. I would often find her helping her father-in-law stuff backpacks full of food to be sent to the local schools. Hungry children would then pick up these backpacks and take them home to ensure that they were properly nourished. This was such a great example and eye-opener to me! Firstly, I was surprised that there was such a need in my community and secondly, I can’t imagine what this small gesture would mean to those children who needed it. It is awful to think of children going hungry. That is why I have partnered with Unilever’s Project Sunlight to help raise awareness and promote action. Please watch the short documentary below and share it with your friends!


After viewing this documentary please visit to learn more about how to get involved. I will be holding a virtual food drive in the near future so please stay tuned! In the meantime you can help spread the word on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by including #ShareAMeal in your posts. Thanks so much to all who contribute! Together we can help fight child hunger in America!


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