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Are you, like me, crazy about girls scout cookies? I get so excited when that time of year rolls around and my neighbor, whom is a girl scout, shows up at my doorstep with the boxes of girl scout cookies I’ve ordered. If only that event was happening more often through out the year, but fortunately now you can buy these new Pillsbury girl scout cookie flavored cupcake and bar mixes so you can enjoy the taste of girls scout cookies year round! You may thing I only ever make things from scratch but I, myself can get tired of making things the long way so sometimes I’ll pull out a box of brownie mix for a quick, satisfying dessert. And now that quick dessert just got a lot more exciting with these new Pillsbury mixes! These come in four varieties two of which taste like the girl scout Samoa of Caramel Delites cookies and two of which taste like girl scout Thin Mints, and lucky me – my those are my two favorite types of girl scout cookies! There’s Girl Scouts® Thin Mints® Flavored Brownie Mix, Caramel and Coconut Blondie Mix, Thin Mints® Flavored Cupcake Mix and Caramel and Coconut Cupcake Mix. We’ve tried all four and everyone in my family enjoyed each of them! My personal favorite are the Thin Mints Brownies, they are deliciously decadent and they taste just like a thin mint! And a close second are the Caramel and Coconut Blondies, they are perfectly coconuty, deliciously chewy, perfectly buttery and of course I love them because they taste like a Samoa cookie.

Pillsbury Girl Scout Cookie Flavored Mixes

But let’s not leave out the cupcake mixes, of course I loved those too and the fact that they were so easy to whip up! Plus they are fun to decorate how ever you’d like (they come with the icing mix, I just added sprinkles – Next time I’m going to add toasted coconut to the Caramel and Coconut Version too). I also liked that the icing for the cupcakes was more of a ganache or glaze rather than a thick pile of buttercream. Don’t get me wrong I do love a good buttercream but it was nice to have something different for a change, and something that wasn’t so heavy.

Another thing I enjoyed about these mixes is that fact that they are something my kids loved to get in the kitchen and help make! They are an easy treat we can prepare together, and of course enjoy the finished product together. I also like that there’s not a lot of clean up with these mixes. Normally when I get in the kitchen to bake I leave a tidal wave of a mess, but not the case here!


Something I was happy to see with these mixes is that they contain no artificial flavors, preservatives or colors, something of which we could definitely use less of in our diet. I love eating real food :).

These mixes will be available at your local retail grocery store. Try them for yourself and see which is your favorite!
Pillsbury Girl Scout Cookie Flavored Mixes Pillsbury Girl Scout Cookie Flavored Mixes Pillsbury Girl Scout Cookie Flavored Mixes Pillsbury Girl Scout Cookie Flavored Mixes Pillsbury Girl Scout Cookie Flavored Mixes Pillsbury Girl Scout Cookie Flavored Mixes

This post was sponsored by Pillsbury. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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