Blue Cheese Coleslaw


This recipe is by far my favorite coleslaw recipe!  Now I don’t know that I could eat coleslaw without blue cheese =).  People who don’t even like blue cheese love …

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Paula Deen’s Pulled Pork Sandwich


No long post here today, all I need to say is this is the BEST pulled pork you will ever eat =)!  Perfectly seasoned and unbelievable tender.  You’ll never need …

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White Chocolate Blueberry Cheesecake


I use to wonder if there was anything better than white chocolate raspberry cheesecake, but I have found it’s competitor!  White chocolate blueberry cheesecake.  I’ve made the white chocolate raspberry …

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Buttermilk Sweet Potato Dinner Rolls


It is something delightful biting into a tender, fluffy, fresh dinner roll just out of the oven.  Their scent is so inviting and comforting, and the taste is undeniable!  It’s …

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Sweet Potato Cupcakes


I know what many of you are thinking, Sick! Sweet potato cupcake?  Well, set the thought aside, because you have to try these!  I was a bit skeptical myself before trying them. …

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Brownie Peppermint Cookies


Sorry to anyone following my blog, I know this is like the 3rd chocolate cookie in a row.  I’m loving the brownie cookie I guess =).  Anyone not following and …

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Chocolate Cookies and Cream Cookies


Whoever came up with the cookies and cream combination is genius!  It is an exquisite pairing that can be used in countless recipes.  I love how perfectly they compliment each other.  Come …

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Chicken Noodle Soup


Are you searching for an extraordinary chicken noodle soup recipe?  Then your search ends here =).  This chicken noodle soup is perfectly spiced with a hint of ground nutmeg and …

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Marshmallow Brownie Cookies


I know you want one =).  When I first began to create the recipe for this cookie I started with a chocolate cookie dough made from scratch.  I hated the …

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Almond Cheese Ball


Are you looking for a simple, delicious, fancied up traditional holiday side?  Or the perfect gift for friends to enjoy (that they wont just toss in the trash and pretend …

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Old Fashioned Pink Popcorn


I cannot express to you how excited I am to finally have found this recipe!!  Do you remember this popcorn?  My Grandmother made this countless times for us.  She would …

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Taco Salad and Cilantro Lime Ranch


In my opinion this is the ultimate taco salad recipe! We eat a lot of Mexican/Southwestern food in my home because I love the delicious flavors in it. This taco …

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Peppermint Rice Krispie Treats


Put an exciting festive twist on a favorite classic with these Peppermint Rice Krispie Treats. They are one of my favorite treats! I think they may even be the treat …

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Caramel Cashew Cookies


I love all the exciting ice cream flavors out there, one of them being caramel cashew ice cream. That is why I created this recipe, in honor of the caramel …

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