Kraft Parmesan Cheese and Hunt’s Tomatoes

January 20, 2014

Today I’m excited to announce I will be participating with Kraft and Hunt’s in two upcoming recipe posts on my blog. These are two products that I love and so it’s destined that they are going to make something delicious together.

Kraft Parmesan and Hunts Tomatoes

Aren’t the two of them just meant to pair perfectly well with each other? It’s almost like bread and butter or salt and pepper. Parmesan cheese and tomatoes are probably the two food items I use most often when I’m making anything Italian inspired. They are two food essentials in my home.

If you are like me and 75% of the time you don’t care about buying the store brand over the name brand, I’d highly recommend you give these two name brand products a try. Sometimes I’ll buy the store brand parmesan or tomatoes, not really giving it much thought. After trying these I can tell you the store brand really isn’t the same. The Kraft Parmesan was much fluffier and it wasn’t all caked together like the store brand versions I’d buy, it’s texture was just a definite upgrade. The flavor was noticeably better too. I’m definitely converted. The hunt’s tomatoes actually tasted much fresher than the other brands of canned diced tomatoes I’ve tried. It has probably got to have something to do with the way they are flash steamed before canning.

So, now that I’d definitely say I would give these two products my stamp of approval, lets see what we can make with them :). Keep an eye out for the posts, they will be coming up in the next two weeks. Have a great day everyone!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Kraft and Hunt’s, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.