Cabbage Roll Soup

The best Cabbage Roll Soup recipe! You get all the flavors of cabbage rolls with out all the hassle, it’s easy to make and deliciously flavorful. A tasty new recipe to add to the dinner rotation!

Cabbage Roll Soup shown in a large white pot on a blue cloth.

A Comforting Cabbage Roll Soup Recipe

This Cabbage Roll Soup is so much faster than making traditional cabbage rolls yet it tastes just as good! It’s a hassle-free, cooked in one pot recipe!

You have a quick prep of ingredients, veggies are sauteed, then everything is just simmered until the cabbage and rice are tender. And during that time all those delicious herby, beefy, tomato-y flavors meld together perfectly.

It’s a soup that is made with basic ingredients, it’s incredibly hearty, and I think you’ll agree it’s just super satisfying comfort food. It’s made up of an abundance of veggies, the rice will help fill you up, and you get a fair amount of protein from the beef so it’s an all around win!

This is so delicious that you’ll likely find yourself converting from the traditional, more labor intensive cabbage rolls to this easier soup method from here on out instead!

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