Cinnamon Rolls {Better Than Cinnabon!}

These homemade Cinnamon Rolls are my all time favorite (yes, they’re better than Cinnabon)! They are truly the best cinnamon rolls I’ve ever had, and I think it’s even safe to say you’ll never need another cinnamon roll recipe. This. Is. It!

They’re super soft and fluffy, perfectly chewy with a hint of gooey, they’re jam packed with cinnamon flavor and they’re covered in a luscious cream cheese cinnamon roll icing. You’ll be hanging onto this recipe for life!

Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

The Best Cinnamon Rolls Recipe!

These cinnamon rolls have the perfect amount of butter (no oil or margarine because why? Butter is always better!) They are unbelievably soft – especially when you eat one warm from the oven. Really these little pillows of deliciousness just melt in your mouth.

They have the perfect amount of sweet between each the dough, the filling and the icing. Then the buttermilk in the dough and the cream cheese in the frosting perfectly compliments the sweetness.

And the abundance of cinnamon is a must. I highly recommend Saigon cinnamon if you can afford it (if you have a Costco membership I buy it cheap there), it really is the best. If you are going to add this much cinnamon to something and it’s the main flavor you may as well go for it.

Better than what you’ll get from the bakery!

This cinnamon bun breakfast treat really is a dream come true! I’ve made them time and time again. It’s a serious love affair! Trust me you’ll love them too!

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