Bread Pudding


Who can resist warm from the oven homemade Bread Pudding? Here you get fresh bread soaked in a rich, spiced custard, then it’s gently baked until set and served with a homemade caramel sauce and fluffy whipped cream. So delicious!

Bread Pudding

Bread Pudding Recipe

This homestyle Bread Pudding recipe uses simple ingredients yet you get such a tasty end result. It’s one of those back to basics recipes that people just love.

It’s deliciously creamy and perfectly sweetened and spiced. And when you finish it with caramel sauce no one will be able to resist!


Ingredients for Bread Pudding

  • Hearty French bread
  • Whole milk
  • Heavy cream
  • Brown sugar
  • Granulated sugar
  • Eggs and egg yolks
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Ginger
  • Butter

bread pudding ingredients

How to Make Bread Pudding

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Dry the Bread

Spread the bread cubes evenly onto a baking sheet then bake until nearly dry, tossing once halfway through, about 10 minutes. Set aside.

bread pudding toasting bread cubes on sheet pan

Whisk Sugars and Spices

In a large mixing bowl whisk together brown sugar, granulated sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg.

bread pudding

Mix in Eggs

Add eggs and egg yolks sand mix until well blended.

making bread pudding custard mixture

Mix in Milk, Cream and Vanilla

Pour in milk, heavy cream and vanilla and whisk until well combined.

making bread pudding custard mixture

Pour Milk Mixture Over Bread and Toss

Place bread cubes in an extra large mixing bowl. Pour milk mixture over top then toss with a rubber spatula to evenly coat.

Let rest 15 minutes to absorb mixture, tossing occasionally.

pouring custard mixture over bread cubes for bread pudding

Spread into Buttered Dish

Spread melted butter in baking dish then add soaked bread mixture. Spread into an even layer. Bake until set in center, about 50 – 65 minutes.

Let cool 10 minutes then serve warm with desired sauce and optional whipped cream.

bread pudding before baking

What Sauce Should I Serve with This?

(I don’t have recipes for the lower 3 listed, but if you google it you’ll find plenty.)

Bread Pudding

Can I Make This in Advance?

You could prepare this the day before then chill and bake the next day. Let it rest at room temperature while oven preheats, then add extra time to baking as needed.

Can I Add Raisins?

Of course raisins can be added to this recipe if you’d prefer.

Add up to 1 cup, just rehydrate them first. To do so soak in boiling water for 30 minutes then drain. Toss in with the bread cubes then pour in milk mixture.

Bread Pudding

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Bread Pudding

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Here you get fresh bread soaked in a rich, spiced custard, then it's gently baked until set and served warm. Top with homemade caramel sauce and fluffy whipped cream for extra decadence.

Course: Dessert
Cuisine: English
Keyword: Bread Pudding
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 1 hour 10 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 35 minutes
Servings: 10
Calories: 392 kcal
Author: Jaclyn


  • 16 oz. hearty French bread (preferrably a day or two old), sliced into 1-inch cubes
  • 1/2 cup (110g) packed light brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup (100g) granulated sugar
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
  • 3 cups whole milk
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 3 large eggs
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 2 Tbsp unsalted butter, melted


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 

  2. Spread bread cubes evenly onto a rimmed 18 by 13-inch baking sheet then bake in preheated oven until until nearly dried, tossing once halfway through, about 10 minutes total. Remove and let cool.

  3. Reduce oven temperature to 300 degrees. 

  4. In a large mixing bowl whisk together brown sugar, granulated sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg (while breaking up brown sugar clumps with fingertips as needed). 

  5. Whisk in eggs and egg yolks until combined. Then blend in milk, heavy cream and vanilla extract until well combined.

  6. Place bread cubes into an extra large mixing bowl, pour milk mixture over top then toss mixture with a rubber spatula to coat. Let rest until milk mixture has been absorbed, tossing occasionally, about 15 - 30 minutes.

  7. Spread melted butter into a casserole dish (about 12 by 8-inch). Pour bread mixture into baking dish and spread evenly.

  8. Bake in preheated 300 degree oven until center is set, about 50 - 65 minutes.

  9. Let cool 10 minutes then cut into squares and serve with salted caramel sauce or vanilla sauce and whipped cream if desired.

  10. Recipe source: Cooking Classy

Recipe Notes

Follow link HERE for Salted Caramel Sauce. Nutrition does not include toppings.

Nutrition Facts
Bread Pudding
Amount Per Serving
Calories 392 Calories from Fat 144
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 16g 25%
Saturated Fat 9g 45%
Cholesterol 134mg 45%
Sodium 297mg 12%
Potassium 209mg 6%
Total Carbohydrates 51g 17%
Dietary Fiber 1g 4%
Sugars 25g
Protein 10g 20%
Vitamin A 13.3%
Vitamin C 0.3%
Calcium 14.2%
Iron 11.7%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.


  • Kim: I don’t hv any French bread… help November 21, 2018 at 8:18pm Reply

    • Jaclyn: Another type of hearty white bread would work fine. I’ve even seen people use left over rolls. November 21, 2018 at 8:54pm Reply

  • Anna: This was one of the best bread pudding recipes I’ve ever had! It was absolutely DELISH! It was so good by itself that I didn’t need to add a sauce! I’m making it again – and again – and again!! November 12, 2018 at 12:34pm Reply

    • Jaclyn: I’m so happy to hear it’s one of the best you’ve had Anna! Thanks for taking the time to leave a review!
      1 November 12, 2018 at 8:53pm Reply

  • Jeff: I have never made bread pudding ever. I followed this recipe completely, and it turned out so good my wife decided to forego her usually cream puff desires to devour this dessert instead. It turned out as perfect as anyone would desire bread pudding to be. Thank you for getting me the brownie points from the Missus. Making it again as soon as possible!!! My new go too for Thanksgiving as well. October 24, 2018 at 2:34pm Reply

    • Jaclyn: I’m so glad to hear it was enjoyed Jeff! Thanks for your review! October 24, 2018 at 11:36pm Reply

  • 2pots2cook: Classy breakfast it is ! September 19, 2018 at 7:30am Reply

  • Laura | Tutti Dolci: Bread pudding has never looked better, this is beautiful! September 18, 2018 at 10:45pm Reply

    • Jaclyn: Thanks Laura! September 19, 2018 at 9:57am Reply

  • Denise Cottrell: I am so excited to try this. This looks like the recipe I lost and have been trying to re find !! September 18, 2018 at 11:23am Reply

    • Jaclyn: Hope you enjoy Denise! September 19, 2018 at 9:56am Reply

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