Breakfast Hash

Breakfast Hash – Made with pre-shredded hash brown potatoes, rich eggs, flavorful cheddar, fresh bell pepper, onion and herbs. It’s a comforting, casserole-like, all cooked in one skillet, homestyle dish that everyone will love!Photo: Serving of breakfast hash on a white ceramic plate with oranges to the side. Hash is made with shredded hash browns, ham, eggs, bell pepper, parsley and onion.

Easy Breakfast Hash

This is a fantastic savory breakfast but also makes an excellent dinner too! It’s incredibly easy and perfectly hearty and satisfying.

Truly it’s just stick-to-your-ribs good food!

It’s also a versatile recipe with lots of options to swap out ingredients (such as using cooked sausage in place of ham) or add seasonings you enjoy (such as cajun seasoning).

It may soon become one of those recipes that you’re family enjoys so much you’ll have it memorized. And there’s really not a whole lot to it, just some basic ingredients you can always keep stashed in your fridge.

If you really want to go all out pair it with buttermilk pancakes – finished with blueberry syrup and whipped cream of course!

Photo: Egg and hash brown breakfast hash shown in a black cast iron skillet resting on a marble surface. A green cloth is shown to the side. Orange juice and ketchup are shown as serving suggestions.

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