Chicken Schnitzel

Pan fried Chicken Schnitzel – made with thinly flattened, tender chicken breasts, a light seasoning, a simple breading and cooked in a hot skillet to achieve a beautifully golden brown, super crisp finish.

From there you can serve it with simply fresh herbs and tart lemon wedges for spritzing, or your favorite dipping sauce (honey mustard, bbq sauce, ranch etc), chicken gravy or other creamy pan sauce.

Chicken schnitzel shown served with lemons and a spring salad.

What is Chicken Schnitzel?

Schnitzel is a German and Austrian dish made with meat that is pounded very thin then it’s coated in a standard three layer breading including flour, eggs and some type of bread crumb (such as bread crumbs, matzo meal or in this case panko), after that it’s fried in a bit of oil until browned and cooked through.

To me chicken schnitzel is like a grown up, fancier version of chicken nuggets with a similar taste and texture. Just simple but delicious, with an excellent texture.

It’s a straightforward process to follow and easier to make than you’d think. And I’d say yes it is definitely worth the extra dishes it takes to bread the chicken.

It is a dinner item my family has requested be added to a regular rotation, and I have the feeling yours may agree with that too!

Wondering what to serve with chicken schnitzel?

I recommend serving with:

Tray with four servings of flattened and breaded golden brown chicken schnitzel.

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